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At Optare Solutions we know that from the moment we are born, we relate to the world. We are social beings, who need to connect with others, to feel part of our environment, to grow as individuals and as professionals. Beings that interact through communication.

Our ambition is to develop the connection of people with the world through technology; that’s why we have created abbilia. Because only the best talent can accomplish this. Shall we connect?

abbilia is Optare Solutions’ talent management program. A program which gathers all the initiatives required for the development of those people who form part of or wish to form part of our team.

Our specialization in the Telco sector is a strategic value we develop and share within the company. The training tools for abbilia guarantee both acquiring and updating the knowledge to respond to the daily challenges of our clients and continue our growth.

abbilias’ ideas laboratories, abbilia Labs, allow us to move forward in innovation projects, discovering new ways and differentiating technological solutions adapted to the deep needs of the markets.
The objective of abbilia is without doubt, to develop both individual talents and work teams in a friendly personal fulfilment driven environment.

The values that shape our culture as a company inspire us every day because they belong to the people who are part of our team. They allow us to work within a flexible environment, where knowledge is shared and transferred and with opportunities and challenges for everyone. Optare Solution’s growth, stems from the integral development of its people.

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